Ari Bird, Printed by Night Diver Press
2-color screenprint, French Paper
19" x 25"
Edition of 100

Ari Bird (b. 1988, San Diego, California) seeks balance in objects, shapes, and colors through many mediums. Moving across paint, paper, plastic, and wood, Bird cuts out and collages symbols from her surroundings to create open ended narratives. Currently, Bird creates large, expansive, and graphic oil paintings with rainbow gradients and blocks of color or texture. These pieces waver between flat and 3-D, between painting and sculpture. This body of work allows itself to take up physical and psychic space, while remaining healing and energetic rather than overwhelming and stifling. Through seeking to reconcile these contradictions, Bird explores concepts like misplaced/shifting identity, the power we imbue in objects, and the strains between intimacy and social interactions.

Contact: ariannebbird@gmail.com

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